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New China Trend: Divorce by Condo CNN recently covered an intriguing new trend in Beijing: couples getting divorced in order to buy more condos.

The Chinese government has lately begun levying a 20% capital gains tax on any Chinese household that sells a second property or condominium. A family's ability to purchase many residences is likewise limited. commercial real estate

According to CNN, this has resulted in thousands of Chinese cou…

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Crystal Palace in London is to be rebuilt by a Chinese group.

With an exact reproduction of the 80,000-square-meter cast iron and glass skyscraper, a Chinese developer aims to bring London's Victorian-era Crystal Palace back to life.

The original Crystal Palace was built in 1851 to accommodate the International Exhibition, which featured over 14,000 exhibit…

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Hong Kong is the most expensive office market in the world.

According to CBRE, Hong Kong's central district remains the world's most expensive office market, surpassing London and Beijing. cars parts

In central Hong Kong, the average annual occupancy cost for office space is US$235.23 per square foot, compared to $222.58 in London's West End and $195.07 …

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In Italian law, a reserved portion is applicable.

In Italian law, some family members are entitled, even against the will, to receive a fixed portion of the property of the deceased. This law is referred to as the necessary succession. The law reserves the following persons a portion of the heritage: companies

The spouse is reserved for half th…

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In Estonia, there are no inheritance tax laws

However, income tax is applicable to gains from the transfer of property received as gift or inheritance

Some gains are tax-free, such as: commercial real estate

Gains from the sale of the primary residence of a taxpayer;

Profits from the transfer of a summer cottage or a garden house owne…

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Heritage law depends on the type and location of the property in France.

The Civil Code is the main source of heritage law in France. The most recent update of the rules on heritage is provided for in the law "TEPA" of 21 August 2007. French heritage laws shall apply to anyone possessing property in France with no difference in the nationality, religion or nationality of…

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Latin America's video analysis industry will grow by 19.92 percent to 2028 with a CAGR.

Factors such as increased demand for surveillance systems in the booming real estate sector, rising crime rates and an increase in government efforts to ensure public safety can be attributed to this. Moreover, better accessibility in countries such as Chile to new technologies and telecommunication…

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As $4.3, Bln Blackstone buy signals of confidence in Country's real estate!

The Soho China shares, one of China's largest and most renowned commercial property developers, jumped 21% on Thursday after Blackstone Group funds offered to acquire the company in a transaction amounting to $3 billion. freelancers

As China's economy continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pande…

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Dubai's luxury home market is rising as a rich flee pandemic in the world!

Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Christophe Reech was fed up with the pandemic locks of the city after almost three decades in London. This morning, he sold his luxury townhouse and threw himself into Dubai's desert sheikhdom to start a new life with his family. freelancer

He said th…

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