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Australia's house prices have increased as more people chose to buy homes!

It is inspiring to think that house prices grow if houses are not sufficient. house for sale

However, the sudden departure from 2000 and a sudden departure from around 2013 and the stratospheric departure after the COVID-19 contraction cannot be justified.

We have enough apartments, in genera…

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This is the price trend for each district of Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain's two major housing markets ended in very different ways last year. While the price of used property in Madrid rose by an average of 17 per cent, there was only a very small 1.4 per cent increase in Barcelona, and neighborhoods are already lowering prices according to the idealistic price repo…

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The home of the week will be on the market on the first of March, 2019.

A private secluded Cádiz villa is available for sale. 

Would you like to view a truly exquisite property in the south of Spain? When you have eliminated all other possibilities, your best bet is this amazing luxury villa in the sought-after Cadiz Coast in Zahara de los Atunes, which offers both…

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The most costly municipalities in Spain in 2020 to buy a house!

Four of the country's five most exclusive locations are in the Balearic Islands. Indeed, Spain's most exclusive municipality in 2020 is an island. Formentera Island in the Balearic Islands has the most exclusive prices per square metre, as homeowners in the area are asking, according to an analysis …

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10 tips on commercial leasing in Spain!

1. You deal with the owner or an authorized proxy? 1.

Nothing is worse than making an enormous down payment in order to realize that you were duplicated by a person who wasn't the owner. The first thing you should do is always check that you deal with someone legally authorized to leave the premi…

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Why investing in Spanish property before 2021 is a good idea!

Empty homes, liquidity requirements and negative Euribor are just some of the reasons why purchasing property in Spain in 2020 is a good idea.
If you think about moving to Spain or investing in a country's property, 2020 might be the perfect time. Alfa Real Estate experts expect the gap between wha…

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In money laundering cases, Germany sees record spike — report!

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Germany reports that the suspected money laundering and terrorist financing cases in 2019 jumped by 50%. In suspicious transactions, the real estate market is especially vulnerable.  house for sale

Germany's federal anti-money laundering unit recorded 114,914 …

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The Netherlands housing markets!

In 2021, the housing market in the Netherlands is expected to cool.

Despite the fact that the Dutch housing market is expected to have a good year in 2020, the pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty.

Further interest rate cuts, increased investor activity, and increased trust in the housing…

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The eurozone housing markets!

While all eurozone economies experienced significant economic contractions in 2020, the effect on residential real estate prices was varied. Development slowed in some countries while it accelerated in others. Here's a rundown of several major innovations.  villa qatar

Germany: Prices are expec…

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