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Dubai is in the midst of yet another mega-project binge.

Dubai is once again making grand announcements about mega-projects that will astound the world, just like a drunken sailor who can't stop telling tall tales.

It's 2006 all over again if you close your eyes. In the grand Dubai tradition, the projects are wild, fantastical, and totally out of propo…

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Insurers in China have $14 billion to spend on real estate.

According to CBRE, Chinese insurance funds have $14.4 billion in the bank to invest on foreign real estate.

According to the consultancy, "high openness markets" such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia are supposed to be among the main targets. 

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China's overseas property investment has increased by 600%.

Over the last three years, Chinese companies have increased their overseas property investment by 600 percent as investors and developers sought capital stability and portfolio diversification outside of China. buy property in qatar

According to Savills China report, Chinese companies increased …

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Uber Lux Global Jet Service is unveiled by Four Seasons.

Four Seasons launched this week a new luxury private jet operation, an industry first, to complement your global jet-setting experience.

The fully retrofitted Boeing 757 will feature interiors and exterior design designed by the company's team of design experts, setting the stage for a travel exp…

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Paris has surpassed Tokyo and Hong Kong as the most significant global retail market.

According to the latest edition of global property advisor CBRE's How Global is the Business of Retail?, Paris is the world's hottest global retail sector, welcoming 50 new brands last year, and France is the leading country for new entrants. buy property in qatar

The total presence of global re…

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Banks in Europe will sell $770 billion in non-core assets.


According to Cushman & Wakefield's Corporate Finance team, European banks and asset management companies have a gross exposure to non-core real estate that is subject to disposal or work-out strategies of $770 billion (€584 billion). Properties for sale in Doha

Despite the record amount …

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