Receive legal advice

A lawyer can be important, even necessary in other areas of the process, apart from overseeing the transaction. A lawyer can assist in drafting and/or checking a reservation agreement (rezervační smlouva) or the purchase agreement (kupní smlouva). Lawyers' fees appear to be between CZK 1000 and CZK 5000. You should ask the law firm at the start to determine how much services will cost. Ben of the Czech Property Company said "it's always better to agree a flat fee with a lawyer for a standard sales transaction. The services can also be arranged through the agent. The contracts are simple and your agent should be able to advise on the business terms to be incorporated. It is important to remember that the sales contract should clearly ensure that all due cash is transferred to the seller." properties in qatar

Additional payments

Ben also advises, "that you check before entering any transaction for any expected payment. Fees for the real estate agency are typically covered by the seller, however, the agency also wants to pay a fee up to 3% of the selling price on certain properties, this needs to be clearly indicated on details of property, or first contact with the agency. When you instruct an agent to work for you, the fee is agreed, normally on a case-by-case basis, but in general between 1% and 2% of all sales concluded, why pay? The seller usually pays a fee, so who is the agent? If you accept a fee, the agent should exclusively work for you, negotiate good terms and lower prices. More complex searches can also be subject to hourly charges.

"When a 50/50 split is often the compromise that has been reached, the cost of the property registration is low and usually covered by the agency, but it is checked beforehand.

"You will also most probably have to pay for any bank assessments and surveys. Detailed suveys are costly, it is best to have a short structural check by either a structural engineer, an experienced builder or a designer who can very quickly tell you if you have any major problems (problems = costs) if you want to carry on with a full survey."


Tax at 3 percent is paid by the seller, but the buyer is liable if a seller does not pay. To avoid this, 3% of the final price is generally held on deposit until proof of payment is provided by the seller. The seller is obliged to ensure tax assessments of the property, and the tax is applied at 3% of the higher, the higher or higher sales price.

Ben said, "It's a very straightforward process here. The main question is the language gaps and the unknown nature of another system; however, all the information you need is accessible easily if you feel that your consultant (real estate, financial or legal) is not aware of the problems that concern you, so you can find a new one."

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