The Invisibility of the Propsci Market in Germany as a Result of Supply Constraints

This shortage of propsci supply not only causes a demand-supply imbalance, but it also has two additional consequences: I the emigration of many scientists, mostly to the United States, to take advantage of the suitable and available premises there in order to try to break into the market with their own ideas, including the freedom to successfully self-market their ideas; and (ii) more recently, established life sciences companies in Germany have identified a lack of needs-based premises for scientists. Scientists give up their right to self-market their own ideas in a similar way to the situation that arises with university facilities. land

The lack of availability of needs-based premises for life sciences companies in Germany should be noticeable enough to elicit a business response, though not yet on the private real estate side, but mostly on the public-sector providers' side, such as cities and states. While research and technology parks have been developed in Germany in the form of "life sciences cluster"-like areas, they are far smaller than those in the United States. There are businesses, institutes, hospitals, and service providers in the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology, environmental technology, and medical technology. The Weinberg Campus in Halle (Saale), which includes a Martin Luther University and a Max Planck and Frauenhofer Institute, as well as the Science and Technology Park Adlershof in Berlin-Brandenburg and the Technology Park in Heidelberg, which focuses on biotech firms, are all examples of research and technology parks in Germany. This demonstrates that the propsci asset class is gradually gaining traction in the German real estate market. However, it also demonstrates that in Germany, the establishment of propsci is actually led exclusively by public law bodies.

Unlike in the United States, where the propsci market is clustered in and around Boston, San Francisco, and other major cities, Germany's emerging propsci market is still decentralized. Since two of the world's leading universities in the field of life sciences are located in Berlin and Heidelberg, this decentralization can be both clarified and seen as an opportunity. As a result, this is where the personnel and know-how needed to create life science clusters can be found. As a result, it makes sense to help private investors in building more technology parks in cities that are already emerging as life sciences hubs, such as Göttingen and Halle, and to bring more technology clusters out of the ground in vibrant university cities with prominent life science faculties, such as Göttingen and Halle.

Twenty years of experience, four locations, and a single core business: real estate appraisal.

L+P Immobilienbewertung is a real estate research and valuation firm that offers a full range of services. Portfolio appraisals, market valuation analyses, mortgage lending appraisals, and market analysis are just a few of the services offered by the firm. L+P offers appraisals for a wide range of asset types, including residential, industrial, and portfolio real estate, as well as agricultural and forestry properties. L+P has specialized experience in valuing "operational real estate," such as nursing homes, hospitals, and hotels. Experts from L+P are also active in the evaluation of possible construction sites and complex real estate projects. L+P is the ideal partner for virtually all forms of real estate appraisal in the German industry, thanks to its five publicly named and inaugurated appraisers.

The same is true when it comes to foreign divorces. If a German court is involved, real estate appraisals are often requested at the time of the marriage and then again at the time of the divorce, for example, for the family home, an investment apartment, or the office they share. In this regard, the appraiser who has been named and inaugurated by the public will provide assurance.

This also extends to the construction process, which is best done with the assistance of professional counsel, from the acquisition of possible building land to the successful submission of a planning application and completion of the project. On a regional level, publicly appointed and inaugurated appraisers can use their local expertise to answer value-related questions right away or formulate the right types of questions that investors can use in their negotiations with the appropriate authorities and institutions.

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