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Dubai is in the midst of yet another mega-project binge.

Dubai is once again making grand announcements about mega-projects that will astound the world, just like a drunken sailor who can't stop telling tall tales.

It's 2006 all over again if you close your eyes. In the grand Dubai tradition, the projects are wild, fantastical, and totally out of propo…

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Insurers in China have $14 billion to spend on real estate.

According to CBRE, Chinese insurance funds have $14.4 billion in the bank to invest on foreign real estate.

According to the consultancy, "high openness markets" such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia are supposed to be among the main targets. 

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China's overseas property investment has increased by 600%.

Over the last three years, Chinese companies have increased their overseas property investment by 600 percent as investors and developers sought capital stability and portfolio diversification outside of China. buy property in qatar

According to Savills China report, Chinese companies increased …

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Uber Lux Global Jet Service is unveiled by Four Seasons.

Four Seasons launched this week a new luxury private jet operation, an industry first, to complement your global jet-setting experience.

The fully retrofitted Boeing 757 will feature interiors and exterior design designed by the company's team of design experts, setting the stage for a travel exp…

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Paris has surpassed Tokyo and Hong Kong as the most significant global retail market.

According to the latest edition of global property advisor CBRE's How Global is the Business of Retail?, Paris is the world's hottest global retail sector, welcoming 50 new brands last year, and France is the leading country for new entrants. buy property in qatar

The total presence of global re…

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Banks in Europe will sell $770 billion in non-core assets.


According to Cushman & Wakefield's Corporate Finance team, European banks and asset management companies have a gross exposure to non-core real estate that is subject to disposal or work-out strategies of $770 billion (€584 billion). Properties for sale in Doha

Despite the record amount …

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Apartments for sale in Colombia

Rent: Can the owner and tenant agree to rent in Colombia free of charge? house for sale

Lease agreements may be concluded orally or in written form and the rent may be made freely by agreement between the property owner and tenant, although the monthly rent shall not amount to more than 1% of th…

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Apartments for rent in Canada

Rents: Can tenants and landlords agree to rents freely in Canada?

In all provinces the initial rent can be negotiated freely. In Quebec, however, initially negotiated rents may be appealed, if within the previous 12 months they are more than a rent charged by the same landlord. doha sale


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Rent: Can a tenant and landlord agree to rent in Cambodia?

The parties to a property rental contract can freely negotiate terms such as rental, rental period, rental fees, other legal rights and obligations, the renewal of the property, the rental increase and the terms of the contract termination. villa qatar

Apartments and condominiums in Cambodia

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The Most Expensive City for Luxury Rentals Is Hong Kong!

According to a research released this week by Knight Frank, political turmoil and the Covid-19 outbreak have had little affect on Hong Kong's top ranking as the world's most expensive city for luxury rentals. property qatar

According to the data, the average rent for a prime property in the city…

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What are the requirements for inclusion into the national real estate register(s) in terms of procedure and documentation? Is it possible to register electronically?

The rights holder registers electronically at, where he or she files an application for a title deed. The applicant must have a NemID (a Danish key-card for electronic signatures) or have given their lawyer a power of attorney. A power of attorney must be issued by someone who doe…

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Take a tour of a modernist apartment in New York City.

That's All There Is to It When It Comes to Brazilian Design!

When Bonobos founder Andy Dunn and his wife, Manuela Zoninsein, bought their three-bedroom apartment on the historic Great Jones Street in New York City, they recognized that having an open floor plan was essential. They both come from …

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Property purchase in the Czech Republic!

You may decide at some point that it is time to buy property here. It may be useful to take the next steps before you do so to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Taking a mortgage into account? real estate in qatar

You should check first and get the best mortgage r…

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Report on Property

The Land Registry answers the ownership question, but what about the condition of what you buy? Homeowners must not provide something like a Home Information Pack (HIP), which used to exist in the United Kingdom. However, an expert report (znalecký posudek) about the property can and should be obtai…

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Receive legal advice

A lawyer can be important, even necessary in other areas of the process, apart from overseeing the transaction. A lawyer can assist in drafting and/or checking a reservation agreement (rezervační smlouva) or the purchase agreement (kupní smlouva). Lawyers' fees appear to be between CZK 1000 and CZK …

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Australia's house prices have increased as more people chose to buy homes!

It is inspiring to think that house prices grow if houses are not sufficient. house for sale

However, the sudden departure from 2000 and a sudden departure from around 2013 and the stratospheric departure after the COVID-19 contraction cannot be justified.

We have enough apartments, in genera…

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This is the price trend for each district of Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain's two major housing markets ended in very different ways last year. While the price of used property in Madrid rose by an average of 17 per cent, there was only a very small 1.4 per cent increase in Barcelona, and neighborhoods are already lowering prices according to the idealistic price repo…

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The home of the week will be on the market on the first of March, 2019.

A private secluded Cádiz villa is available for sale. 

Would you like to view a truly exquisite property in the south of Spain? When you have eliminated all other possibilities, your best bet is this amazing luxury villa in the sought-after Cadiz Coast in Zahara de los Atunes, which offers both…

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The most costly municipalities in Spain in 2020 to buy a house!

Four of the country's five most exclusive locations are in the Balearic Islands. Indeed, Spain's most exclusive municipality in 2020 is an island. Formentera Island in the Balearic Islands has the most exclusive prices per square metre, as homeowners in the area are asking, according to an analysis …

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10 tips on commercial leasing in Spain!

1. You deal with the owner or an authorized proxy? 1.

Nothing is worse than making an enormous down payment in order to realize that you were duplicated by a person who wasn't the owner. The first thing you should do is always check that you deal with someone legally authorized to leave the premi…

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