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For more than 10 years, Erna Low Property has been selling holiday homes in southern France. The French Alps, Cote d'Azur and Provence are all specialized. Many customers who purchase French ski resorts often want to invest in properties near Cannes and St. Tropez in Southern France. Villa Alice near Cannes is among the latest projects, offering apartments for just €150,000. apartments studio

You usually expect French ski resorts to concentrate on the winter ski season, but more and more summer ski resorts expand, which can become full-time resorts and attract visitors throughout the year.

"In summer, the and growth of sports, such as mountain biking, was followed by a focus on the Alps as a family goal – a place for children to develop and thrive, away from social media and video games. In July and August the most advanced resorts are now almost as busy as during the ski season," continues Mr. Marchand.

It is no wonder that demand for a vacation home, particularly for families with children, is rising. And in July and August, the new summer attractions facilitate the rental of an apartment or chalet.

"The French Alps provide a large, beautiful, energetic and adventurous surrounding – and parents see this as the ideal antidote to the obsessive world of video games and social media. An significant part of their motivation is to invest in their children's and their physically active children's future. In July and August, they expect to spend as much time in their new homes as in winter."

There has been a wave of state-of-the-art swimming pools and leisure centers in the city in the last five years. This includes Les Saisies' Le Signal €16 million, the Châtel Forme d'O €13 million, La Piscine Les Arcs – part of the €36 million thousand-eight project – and the Courchevel Aquamotion €63 million.

Châtel is also home to one of the best mountain bike parks in the French Alps, along with the Forme d'O swimming pool, and has recently unveiled a new network of trail running routes in collaboration with the sister resorts in the Portes du Soleil. In the meantime, families can experience the excitement of the newly opened Châtel Adventures High-rope Obstacle Course with a bob-luge course and minigolf.

In Les Saisies, part of the Espace Diamant ski area, it's a similar story. Its woods and meadows are ideal to bike, trail run and walk, but the resort offers even horse riding, trampoline, archery, tennis and badminton. The Escaladventure Park also blends climbing rocks and trees with rope bridges and zip lines.

Even the robust Chamonix extends its appeal. Its busiest week in August, during the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc marathon, is in fact in the summer. Young tourists flock to the outdoor recreation park with alpine coaster, wildlife sanctuaries, paintballing, the latest climbing route covered by ferratas and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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David Johnson, founding director of Halo Financial, explains that working with an experienced currency expert will save you thousands of pounds when buying your ideal mountain land.

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Exchange rates continuously fluctuate

Exchange rates continually fluctuate, and these currency fluctuations can be considerable in the current political environment, Mr Johnson says. "When it comes to buying a house, it's not hundreds but thousands of pounds that make a difference to the final cost."

There are forms you can save on your French ski resort property at all stages of the purchase process, whether this is a deposit, a final payment in Euros or continuing mortgage costs or property maintenance.

Save money and time

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